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About Photography

The first camera's I used as a child never indicated that photography was destined to be a hobby of mine. During the holidays I used disposable cameras and the best I had for a long time was a Kodak Instamatic.
I knew that my father had been following courses for photography, as a hobby, and had an expensive looking Zeiss camera. However, it wasn't until my youngest brother bought a slick Pentax camera, that I was impressed. In fact I took over his camera and quickly became addicted to shooting pictures.

A few years later I bought my own real camera, a splendid Nikon with a 28-200 mm lens. The world really looked differently!

In 2000, I made the switch to digital photography, mainly because I - and even more my shoulder - were tired of carrying the weight of camera and lenses all the time. As I desired being able to shoot a picture pretty much of the time, I used to carry my camera with me so often. With the compact Nikon Coolpix 950 that became feasible.
Still I had a great nostalgia for the possibilities of the powerful lens which I had been using before.

A few thousands pictures later, in 2005, I heard about the new 12 x optical wide angle lens. The range was 6-72 mm or, a 35-mm equivalent of 36-432 mm - wow!
As Nikon did not use that lens in any of its compact models, I switched to Canon. For the last years I have been working with this Canon PowerShot S2.

Satisfied for ever? Not yet, now I am wishing for a 10-Mpix compact camera with this lens. If you know about it, let me know! In the mean time, whilst meandering with different cameras, I have collected some nice pictures, enjoy!

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