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About Frederik Schroyens

In January 1953, I was born near a lesser used railway station in Mechelen (Belgium). Though I was not born with a camera in my eyes, photography has developed into an important hobby for me. In my professional life I became a medical practitioner, embracing homeopathy.

As you can read in the section about photography, I became increasingly intrigued with photography and I have been wondering why.
As many, I do have a video camera as well, but rarely use it. Some say video is alive and photos are dead. I do not think so.
Photos can reflect life just as much. In fact, photos allow you to fix that one second into eternity, or to show that side of a plant, a beach, a face that you want to emphasize. This is a real challenge: watch the zebra's coming and then press the button just when they so graciously jump across the road in front of your jeep.

Some define photography as the Art of the Moment. That makes perfectly sense to me. It still fascinates me to sit and wait for that moment with the perfect light, the perfect motion, for that wrinkle in the picture which will make the difference.
The fact that two most renown photographers live, so to say, within shouting distance, adds to the fascination (L. Blancquaert and M. Hendryckx). At irregular times I see them from my office window, shooting pictures in our park. I often remember my own photo session with Michiel Hendryckx which led to the picture on this page.

If photography is the art of a moment, it takes a lifetime to perform it with all its aspects. I wish that you can find some of this fascination in some of the pictures I have selected for you.

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